Municipal early childhood education in Hyvinkää

Our service include:

  • ECEC at day care centers
  • ECEC in family day care
  • Pre-primary education for 6-year-olds
  • Clubs
  • Family activity centers

A day care center is usually divided into several groups of children with multiprofessional personnel. The groups of children may be formed in different ways, for instance, by taking into account the children's ages, sibling's relationships or needs for support. The groups must be pedagogically appropriate, and regulations of personnel and maximum group sizes are considered in forming them. Our ECEC services are provided by a personnel of trained ECEC teachers and care providers.

Day care centers are open mainly at 6.30-17.00 and only if needed between 6.00 -17.30 (18.00). The small day care centers, with only one group of children, are open between 07.00-17.00. There is also a day care center (Kenttäkadun päiväkoti), which is open also in the evenings, between 07.00-22.00. Martinkaari day care center is open 24 hours every day of the year when needed. Day care during evenings, weekends or at nights requires that both guardians are working shifts. Children can be in the day care center in the evenings, weekends or at nights only when the guardians are at work/studying.

Day care centers on the map:

Family day care consists of ECEC of children 1-4 years in small groups at the care provider's home. The hours of the care provider in family day care are defined by the hours of care required by the children. The total length of daily service is usually 8-9 hours, between 7.30 – 16.30 hours. In family day care the size of the group is four children and 1 child part time (attending only after pre-primary education)

Pre-primary education is compulsory, and it starts the year a child turns 6 years old.  A child’s guardian is obliged to ensure that their child participates in pre-primary education or some other activity that fulfills the objectives of pre-primary education during the year before compulsory education begins. The daily amount of pre-primary education is four hours. Pre-primary education is organised in day care centers, schools and in private day care centers. It’s free to participate in pre-primary education, and a daily meal is provided to the child.  In addition to pre-primary education (4 hours a day) a child also has the possibility to participate in early childhood education, which is subject to a fee.

Pre-primary education in Hyvinkää: Esiopetuspaikat

Club activities are also organized for children between the ages of 1 and 4.  Children in home care and receiving home care allowance can also participate in the activities.  Clubs are led by early day care personnel and are free of charge. Club activities are goal-oriented and planned in advance. Clubs operate in Aamutuuli day care center and in Päiväpirtti family activity center.  Some of the clubs meet in the mornings (08.30-11.30) and others in the afternoons (13.00-16.00), 1–3 times a week.

Timetable of the clubs: Kerhopaikat

Family activity centers are meeting places where parents and children can come together to meet other parents and children. It is also a place where you can meet experts of various fields (for example children health care, speech therapist etc.). The city of Hyvinkää´s website provides the monthly programmes for the Pikku-Veturi and Päiväpirtti family activity centers.

More information: Avoimet päiväkodit, Facebook: Avoin päiväkoti Pikku-Veturi ja Päiväpirtti


Issues relating to early childhood education and care are mainly handled at the City Hall by the service councellors. They are happy to help if there are any further questions about early childhood education and care in Hyvinkää. The languages of communication are Finnish and English.

Service councellors of early childhood education and care:
City hall 
Kankurinkatu 4-6 
Tel. 0400 784 791 / 0400 784 781 

Information of ECEC fees:
City hall
Kankurinkatu 4-6
Tel. 019 459 4950 / 019 459 4952

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