Early childhood education and care

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) is part of the Finnish education system and an important stage on the child’s path of growing and learning. ECEC lays a foundation for lifelong learning. The Finnish ECEC is based on an integrated approach to care, education and teaching, the so-called “educare” model, with particular emphasis on pedagogy.

All children under school-age have a subjective right to early childhood education and care (ECEC). The guardians of the child can decide whether or not their child participates in ECEC.  If the guardians choose to take care of their child at home, they are entitled to home care leave and allowance until the child turns three years old.

The municipalities are responsible for arranging the ECEC services. The quality of ECEC is improved through systematic evaluation. Guardians can also choose for private ECEC settings.  

It's always a big change for the whole family, when a child starts in a daycare. This recording answers the most common practical questions related to the everyday life of early childhood education and care.

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Issues relating to early childhood education and care are mainly handled at the City Hall by the service councellors. They are happy to help if there are any further questions about early childhood education and care in Hyvinkää. The languages of communication are Finnish and English.

Service councellors of early childhood education and care:
City hall 
Kankurinkatu 4-6 
Tel. 0400 784 791 / 0400 784 781 

Information of ECEC fees:
City hall
Kankurinkatu 4-6
Tel. 019 459 4950 / 019 459 4952

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