Application process

The decisions on municipal early childhood education are made approximately one month before the desired starting time. However, for those starting in August, the decision is made already before midsummer. Urgent applications are processed immediately. Our service counsellor is happy to help guardians in any questions concerning the early childhood education and care in Hyvinkää. The councellor can be contacted by phone (0400 784 791 or 0400 784 781), by e-mail ( or by making an appointment with councellor in City Hall.

After receiving the application, a service counsellor will contact the client immediately, if the application is urgent or if there are questions about the application. In other cases, the service counsellor will contact the guardians about one month before the desired starting time. If the place is granted from the day care center that guardians have been applied to, they will receive directly the electronical decision to eDaisy and also en email informing about the decision.

The place offered in ECEC has to be accepted in eDaisy in 2 weeks time after receiving the decicion. If the guardians do not accept the place they have to make a new application, in case they want a place in ECEC.  

After receiving a place, the director of the day care center/family care/club will contact the guardian by phone to make an appointment for a meeting. During this meeting, arrangements will be made for visiting the day care center/family care/club and other practical issues will be agreed upon relating to the start of day care. Also a preliminary discussion with the group teacher will take place. An individual Early childhood education and care plan is made for every child at the child´s day care center or family day care in the beginning of ECEC.


Issues relating to early childhood education and care are mainly handled at the City Hall by the service councellors. They are happy to help if there are any further questions about early childhood education and care in Hyvinkää. The languages of communication are Finnish and English.

Service councellors of early childhood education and care:
City hall 
Kankurinkatu 4-6 
Tel. 0400 784 791 / 0400 784 781 

Information of ECEC fees:
City hall
Kankurinkatu 4-6
Tel. 019 459 4950 / 019 459 4952

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