Early childhood education and care curriculum

The National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care steers the implementation of early childhood education, and local curricula are drawn up on the basis of the Core Curriculum. The Finnish National Agency for Education decides on the core curriculum for early childhood education and care in accordance with the Early Childhood Education and Care Act.

A personal early childhood education plan is drawn up for each child at early education centres and family daycare premises. It consists of the objectives and measures to support the child's development, learning and wellbeing, and the need for special support where necessary. 

The child's opinions and wishes must be asked when planning, implementing and assessing early childhood education and care. The child's parents or guardians must be allowed to take part and have a say in their child's early childhood education. 

The development of the operating culture 
The local curriculum for early childhood education and care obligates to renew and develop the operating culture of ECEC. When the working and operating methods are evaluated, it is essential to consider how they will best support children’s growth, development and learning. The starting point for decisions must comply with the goals of the local curriculum and always take into account the child’s best interests. The principles of developing the operating culture provide a backbone for supervisory work and the joint development of work communities. 

Evaluation at many levels 
The quality of ECEC is improved through systematic evaluation. The evaluation is carried out at both national and local levels. Among other things, ECEC providers must evaluate the local curriculum and their implementation. When assessing a child's individual early childhood education and care plan, particular focus is placed on how the activities are arranged and how pedagogy is implemented. The child’s individual plan should be evaluated together with the guardians at least once a year. Evaluation helps make the strengths and development needs of ECEC visible. 


Issues relating to early childhood education and care are mainly handled at the City Hall by the service councellors. They are happy to help if there are any further questions about early childhood education and care in Hyvinkää. The languages of communication are Finnish and English.

Service councellors of early childhood education and care:
City hall 
Kankurinkatu 4-6 
Tel. 0400 784 791 / 0400 784 781 

Information of ECEC fees:
City hall
Kankurinkatu 4-6
Tel. 019 459 4950 / 019 459 4952

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