How to use a customer computer

Using the customer computers is free of charge. Printing however costs 30 cents per page (with color 60 cents per page). You need an Ebooking user ID and password to be able to use customer computers. You will get user ID and password, when you present your library card or a valid ID card with a photograph and personal identity number accepted by the library. User ID and password are personal, and you are responsible for their use.

Booking a computer

It is worthwhile booking a pc in advance. You can book a pc over the Internet ( or visiting the library and using our reservation computer at the lobby.

You can make one reservation per day - three reservations per week.

In addition, you can once make a new reservation when you use the computer you reserved (so called free turn).

Making a booking

Log in with your user ID and password. You will be brought to a Main page. By clicking on “Booking”, the calendar page will open up. Select a date. “Booking”-page will open up. Choose the length of the session; 60 minutes. From the Available computers –column, choose the time and a computer. Click the ”Book” –button.

Browsing and removing bookings

On the main page, click Browse. On this page you can browse and delete your bookings.

Editing your user information

You will be able to view and edit your own user information on ”User settings” –page. It is highly recommended, that when using a customer computer for the first time you change your password. When you edit your information, remember to type your password in the “Confirm password”-field. Finally click on the “Accept” –button.

Using the booked computer

If a computer is booked for you, the text “COMPUTER RESERVED” (“KONE VARATTU”) and your user name is shown on the screen. Type your password in the “Password” –field and click “Logon” –button.

An hour session will always begin exactly at the hour (for example 14.00-15.00). So do not login before your session begins. Your reservation expires, if you do not arrive to the pc within 5 minutes from the beginning of the booked session

A small window with a counter will open in the upper right corner of the screen where you can see how much time is left of the booking. If you want to stop using the computer before your booking ends, click on the ”Logout”-button below the counter.

The program will notify you when you have 5 minutes and again when you have 1 minute left of the booking. Prepare to end your session by closing your unfinished files, because once your booking ends, the program will lock the computer, and all unfinished files are lost. At this point you can also make a new booking for yourself (once), if the computer you are using is available for the next hour.

A computer that has ”COMPUTER AVAILABLE” (KONE VAPAA) –text on the screen, is available for you to login depending on your booking situation (one reservation per day + one free turn)

Queue-up computers

There are five 30 min queue-up computers; two of them are on the second floor and three in the entrance lobby. Also one 60 min computer on the second floor. These computers are used without booking. 

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