Library for you

Library open for everyone

You are welcome to the library to borrow, to study, to use facilities and services, to read magazines and books or to participate in different events.

You need a valid library card to use the library services.

Borrowing Rights and Library Card

All who register their personal information with the library and commit to following the library rules have borrowing rights. Under 15-year-olds need a guardian as a guarantor. The library card is personal property and the owner is responsible for all materials borrowed with it.

The first card is free of charge, but renewing a lost card costs €2.00 (for adults). The same card is valid in all libraries in Hyvinkää and in regional Ratamo-libraries (Hausjärvi, Loppi, Nurmijärvi, Riihimäki).

If you want you can print out the application form (PDF, not accessible) for a library card and fill it in before you visit the library.

The library card is personal

You are responsible for the items that have been borrowed with your library card. In order to prevent the misuse of your library card you can ask that the employee in loan services always checks the identity of the borrower.

Inform the library immediately about the disappearance of your library card

You must inform the library immediately about the disappearance of your library card. This responsibility also concerns the guardian. You are not responsible for the material that has been borrowed with the lost card after you have informed the library that the library card is missing.

A library card that has been reported lost is removed from use. A new library card is subject to a charge.

How to get the PIN code

In addition to the library card you also need a PIN code, when you wish to look at what you have borrowed, to renew the loans or to reserve material in the RATAMO Web Library. For the use of customer computers you need an eBooking user ID and password. You will get both the PIN code and eBooking -user ID and password in person from the library.

Contact information must be up-to-date!

You must notify the library without delay about the changes of your address, email address and your name.

School and Day Care Centre Library Cards

There must always be a guarantor who is responsible for the materials borrowed with the card. The library cards of schools and day care centres are kept in the library.

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