Loans, renewals, reservations, returns

Loan periods

  • Books, CDs, magazines, DVDs, videos, audio books, language courses, sheet music, board games, consol games: 4 weeks
  • Some popular new books, DVDs and CDs: 2 weeks
  • Short loans: 7 days

Materials from the reference library are not usually allowed to be borrowed, but night and weekend loans are possible for single items.

School and Day Care Centre Loan Periods 

The loan period for children's books borrowed with a school or day care centre library card is 8 weeks. Loan periods of videos, DVDs, audio books, CD-ROMs, CDs and cassettes are normal, so no extended loan period is available.


An item can be renewed if there is no reservation made for it. Renewal times (5) can be limited.

Renewals can be taken care of over the phone, tel: +358 19 459 2422 or online.

A password can be obtained from the library for the RATAMO online library.


You can reserve material either at the Ratamo Web Library or at the library. There is no charge for reservations on local (Hyvinkää library) material. If reservation is not picked up, a fee of €1.00 is charged (not charged for children's and teen's department's material). The regional loan fee is €2.00.

You can also make reservations on material that is on the shelf by telephone or at the web library. 

The library will inform the customer of the arrival of an item by letter. Text message/e-mail is also available, please contact library.

Remember to inform the library about address or name changes!


Please return your loans on the due date at the latest. You can return the material to any Ratamo library during its opening hours. If you wish you can get a receipt of the return.

Some libraries have so-called returning boxes. It is your own responsibility if you return your loans via the returning box.

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