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The leading guideline for education in Vehkoja Comprehensive School is to ensure every student a safe and positive learning environment.

Education in our school comprehends learning the academic disciplines as well as how to become a balanced personality, who appreciates work and is capable of taking other people into consideration.


Vehkojan koulu
Männikkötie 6
05830 Hyvinkää

Headmaster Janne Peräsalmi, 0400 756 276
Office, 040 155 6271

Vehkoja Comprehensive school operates under the administration of Hyvinkää Education Department. The school is physically located in two units: The Anttila School for elementary grades 1 - 3, and Vehkoja School for grades 4 - 6 and 7 - 9.

Päivitetty 25.10.2021