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Puolimatkan koulu, Puolimatka School is a comprehensive school including nursery - preschool, primary and secondary school. Pupils in our school are aged between 5 and 16 years (in some cases 17 years).

Our school's location is in the halfway from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna (cities in Finland). Puolimatka means literally "half way".

  • In 2015 our school celebrated its 100th anniversary!
  • 550 pupils
  • classes from 1st to 9th (7-16 years), and a special kind of pre-school/school – group called Koulutupa (“School cottage”), for kids between 4-8 years.
  • Five special education teachers
  • Two special classes a) for strengthened special education and b) rehabilitative class: those who have medical/clinical reasons not to be able to study in a normal group
  • ~ 85 immigrants


  • ~45 teachers
  • 6 class assistants
  • 1 school nurse
  • 1 psychologist 
  • 1 social curator
  • 1 school secretary
  • 1 caretaker
  • 5 kitchen workers/ cleaners

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Trust in Finnish schools - one perspective 

In the US, the Finnish school system is sometimes seen as o sort of spectacle. How does such a small, quiet country, with shorter school days and less homework hove such successful students? Many people have tried to answer this question, and as such, many articles have been written about the virtues of the Finnish school system. As on education student at university with a long-time love of Finland, I have always read these articles with great interest, but at times, I have wondered how the things I read could really be applied to my own future classroom. I felt like the ideas I read (no standardized tests, free lunches, more outside play, less homework, etc.) just could not work outside of the context of the Finnish school system.  I have had the amazing opportunity for the post month and o half to observe and work with the teachers and students  here at  Puolimatka school, and as I have experienced the system first hand, one theme jumps  out to me  as the  glue which holds all the elements of the Finnish school system together: trust. In Finland, and particularly at Puolimatka, both students and teachers are given a great amount of autonomy and trust. Teachers ore trusted to teach in a way that best facilitates their students' learning. They in turn trust their students to be respectful and to take ownership of their education. The students know that their teachers trust them and believe in them, so they work hard to be worthy of that trust. Their teachers' faith in them, leads them to believe in their own abilities. They perform better because they know thot they ore trusted. Of course, students and teachers in Finland are just as human as students and teachers anywhere else. They are not perfect; they make mistakes, but the policy of trust does not go away. lt is evident during the time between classes when students go outside to play. lt is evident in the special education system as students come to  get  help in whatever subjects they are struggling with. lt is evident in the way that teachers and students treat each other both in the classroom and on field trips.  Trust is everywhere.  There are many lessons that I hope to take with me as I begin my career as a teacher, but I believe that one of the most important ones, the one that will make  all the others matter  is trust in my students  and to believe that each of them are capable and worthy of learning.

Ruth Bruce (ruth.bruce(at)

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 Our school in March 2016


The project HundrED is one of the largest projects outlining the future of schools and learning, both in Finland and on a global scale. Together with Finnish schools, the project develops, implements, and studies one hundred Finnish innovations in the field of learning and tests them in practice for one academic year. In addition, the project analyses the world’s best innovations in the education sector and interviews opinion leaders in the sector on all continents. The results obtained are distributed to the whole world – for free.


Our school was selected as one of these 100 innovative schools and we are testing and implementing new ways to learn and teach. Our innovation is:

"School's development as a form of teaching".



Sustainability is Everyone's responsability 2018-2020

Our school takes part in an Erasmus+project with France, Croatia, Poland and Portugal. This project is calles Sustainability is everyone's responsability.

Project can be found on these websites:

Facebook: Sustainability - Everyone's responsability- @sustainabilityErasmus

and on eTwinning-platform with the same name - if you are a member of eTwinning-platform. 

Erasmus+ - oppilaiden tekemä logo


Our school took part in an Erasmus+ project with several other countries.

Read more about our Erasmus+ project 2014-2017:


We receive every year some 25 students from Beijing, China. This cooperation is very fruitfull for our students as  some 25 4th-5th graders receive "one chinese friend" during 3 days.

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Dôle 2019

We started an exchange project with a school in Dôle, France in 2018. Read about the school:

In April 2019 we will receive some 25 students from France in Hyvinkää!

 Please read more here:


Bretagne 2017

Our school has constant co-operation with different international institutions. In March 2017 we received 17 French students and two teachers who wanted to learn about our school and our country. This friendship continued in June 2017 when 22 students from Puolimatka-school visited La Bretagne (France) .  More information about the exchange projects:  

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