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Hyvinkää Upper Secondary School

Hyvinkää Upper Secondary School is a modern, future-oriented school of about 900 students, also including the adult education line. The new school building, called Kipinä (Spark), was completed in November, 2020.

In Hyvinkää Upper Secondary School you can choose to study on the general or natural science line. Those studying on the general line can choose to focus on for instance humanities, arts or languages, but also mathematical and natural sciences are popular choices. When studying on the natural science line, students can study biology, geography, physics and chemistry in depth. This gives good skills to continue studies in the fields of natural science, engineering and medicine.

The art enthusiasts of our school have the opportunity to apply for an art class, where the students’ timetables are included with an abundance of arts, music, and/or theatre studies that are readily available in our school. The students have the opportunity to credit basic art studies completed out-of-school. There is also top sports coaching available in our school for Finnish Championship level athletes. These top athletes have the opportunity to coordinate studying and coaching into a suitable package. There is also the opportunity to complete a high school diploma in arts and crafts subjects.

Hyvinkää Upper Secondary School has a wide range of languages, and a lot of international activities. In addition to English as A-language students can choose German or French, and as B-language Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, German or Russian. More languages, such as Chinese and sign language are available in Hyvinkää adult education centre.

Hyvinkää Upper Secondary School is situated near railway and bus stations, which makes it a good choice for all those living in neighbouring areas. The working atmosphere is open, peaceful and comfortable. The education is modern, and the facilities of Finland’s newest secondary school building support modern study methods. The school also cooperates with high schools and local businesses. It is also involved in secondary education cooperation and organizing double degree high school studies.

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