The Hyvinkää City Museum is a cultural history museum, and its exhibitions and collections portray the history of Hyvinkää. Our mission is to care for, study, preserve and display the history of the Hyvinkää region and its residents for the modern people.

The museum is a local expert on cultural heritage and the cultural environment. With its high-quality exhibitions, educational activities and expert services, the city museum promotes mental well-being and reinforces the vitality of the region.

Our Own Museum

The Hyvinkää City Museum is a meeting place for shared memories. Its work is approachable, inclusive, curious, experience-based, active and personal. The museum is a laid-back place where anyone can pop in, and its activities are defined by encounters of people and spending time together. 

Inclusivity and a sense of community are the main modes of operation at the Hyvinkää City Museum.

Workers of Villatehtaa  

Contact information

Temporary exhibitions

Hämeenkatu 3D, upper level 2rd floor.


Tue-Fri 12-18
Sat-Sund 11-17

Exceptions to Opening Hours

August 31, closed
December 6, closed
December 22, we close at 15
December 23-26, closed
December 31, open 11-17
January 1, closed


Adults: €9
Pensioners and students: €6
Children under 18: Free
Unemployed: Free
Annual pass: €15

Free entry on Wednesdays 16–18.

We accept Smartum, Edenred and the Finnish Museum Card, Museokortti.


Valvilla factory museum

Inner courtyard of the wool mill, the old firefighting equipment storehouse, Kankurinkatu 4–6

Open June and July Mon-Fri 12-16, July 30 open 12-16.

Exceptions to Opening Hours
July 29 closed, July 31 closed.


Hämeenkatu 3D, 05800 Hyvinkää
05800 Hyvinkää

Open Mon–Fri 9 am–3 pm
Office phone: +358 40 773 6257
e-mail: kaupunginmuseo@hyvinkaa.fi

Guided tours for groups must be booked in advance and they are subject to a charge.


Temporary exhibitions 

The exhibitions of the Hyvinkää City Museum are situated in Hämeenkatu 3D.  The temporary exhibitions relate the rich history of the Hyvinkää region, the local people and local phenomena. The themes vary from year to year. Smaller travelling exhibitions are also on display.

Valvilla Wool Mill Museum

The Valvilla Wool Mill Museum was founded in 1981 in the former firefighting equipment storehouse of the Old Wool Mill. The museum exhibits the nearly 100-year history of the wool spinning mill established by the engineer Ossian Donner, and it describes how the mill became one of Finland's largest and most versatile textile factories. The museum also relates how Hyvinkää was transformed from a small rural community to a modern city.


+358 40 773 6257


All the work and activities of the museum is centred around our collections. The genuine artefacts collected by the museum provide a real insight into the people, phenomena, and events of the past.

The collections contain artefacts, photography, documents, and literature. The collected material depicts the history of Hyvinkää. Our varied collections serve both researchers and other customers.

Explore our collections online: www.museot.finna.fi

Our collections online

Are you looking for photos of the Hyvinkää of the past? Do you wonder what Hyvinkää looked like when your grandparents were young? The Hyvinkää City Museum’s collections contain over 60,000 photos of Hyvinkää and the local area from the 19th to the 21st century. The easiest way to browse through the images is in the Museot Finna service, where the museum has already published over 12,000 photos. This number is constantly increasing. You can download, use and share photos of online quality for free. If you need high resolution photos, i.e. pictures suitable for print, please contact the Hyvinkää City Museum. We will send you the high-resolution images electronically and charge you according to our price list.

Old Hyvinkää  

Information about the museum



By prior arrangement. Max. 30 people.
Price, charged at hourly increments.

Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm €50
School groups during office hours €15
Dramatized guided tour €60
Opening outside normal opening hours at other times €50


Lectures in English, ask for more information kaupunginmuseo@hyvinkaa.fi

Reservations for lectures must be made no less than one month before the event.

The City Museum’s archives are open by prior arrangement Mon–Fri 9 am–3 pm.
Closed in June and July.
Tel. +358 40 773 6257, e-mail emilia.haavisto(at)hyvinkaa.fi 

Services for researchers


The Hyvinkää City Museum has extensive collections of artefacts, photographs and archives which relate to Hyvinkää’s local history and the local wool textile industry. Our varied collections serve both researchers and other customers.

You can explore our collections and archives by making a research appointment by calling us ahead of time at +358 40 773 6257 or via kaupunginmuseo@hyvinkaa.fi.

The Hyvinkää City Museum is a low-threshold resource for research. The museum will help with requests for information services and answer questions within its field of expertise.

The City Museum’s archives are open by prior arrangement Mon–Fri 9 am–3 pm.
Closed in June and July.
Tel. +358 40 773 6257.


We serve researchers, thesis writers, those planning illustrations for books, and everyone else with an interest in the images in our collections. Get in touch and place a photography order or book in a visit.

How does the photography service work?

Are you looking for photos with a specific theme? All our digitised photos can be found online at www.museot.finna.fi. You can search for images using the key words of your choice. Photos of online quality are free to use. If publishing the photos, you only need to mention the photographer and the source, the Hyvinkää City Museum.

If you cannot find the picture you want among our digitised photos you can visit the photography service at the museum office. Make an appointment and explain which photos you are interested in, and we will find you suitable photos. It is easier to find photos if you give us specific information about the material you are looking for (e.g. motif, subject, photographer and when the picture was taken). The museum’s experts will help you find the photos.

You can order digital files of the photos in the museum’s collections for research and publication purposes. We will charge for usage according to the price list. Please note that the use of some materials may be restricted.

Appointments and opening hours

It is usually easiest to order photos by email or over the phone. The photography service is open Monday to Friday 9 am–3 pm. Please make an appointment if you wish to visit the photo archive.

Enquiries and appointments: kaupunginmuseo@hyvinkaa.fi or call +358 40 195 5510.

Picture of a woman playing an instrument and people enjoying


The Hyvinkää City Museum photography service is subject to a charge. You can order digital copies of the photos. We do not lend original photos or negatives.

The delivery time for digitised photos is usually five days. During the holiday period the delivery times are longer.

Fees and service charges

Service charge per order €20
Private individuals / single use (using a copy of a photo for private purposes) €5
Other parties / single use (non-commercial use) €10
Other parties / multimedia use (use in several different media) €30
Commercial use (e.g. advertisements, post cards, publications) €60–350
Orders for non-digitised material (minimum charge 0.5 hours) €50 / hour or work
Extensive searches for information and materials, research services €50 / hour of work
Express delivery of photo files (less than 14 days) €20 each

Delivery of photo files via a link sent out by email is free.

Right of use

Purchasing a photo gives the buyer the right to use the picture once. This right cannot be sold or transferred to another party. When publishing the photo, the name of the Hyvinkää City Museum and the photographer must be included. The customer is responsible for respecting copyright and personal data protection when using the images. (Copyright Act 446/1995, Act 1654/1995, Act 821/2005, Copyright Regulation 574/1995, EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, Data Protection Act 1050/2018)

Customers are not allowed to process or crop the photos without the permission of the photographer.

Photo files cannot be archived, copied or shared without the permission of the museum.

Photo files which have been delivered via email or by other means, as well as any other files made of the photographs, must be destroyed after use.

Publications and dissertations

We ask users to provide the Hyvinkää City Museum’s library with a copy of a publication or dissertation which has benefitted from access to the Hyvinkää City Museum’s collections and which relates to the field of study of the museum.


All email addresses: firstname.lastname@hyvinkaa.fi

Tuomas Ravea
Museum Director
tel +358 (0)40 709 5578

Emilia Haavisto
Museum Curator (temp.)
tel +358 (0)40 195 5510

Merja Nummi
Curator of Education
tel. +358 (0)40 836 8028

Marika Hukka
Museum assistant / office
tel. +358 (0)40 773 6257

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