Radoslaw Gryta
Recent Works

Main Hall 2 June – 27 September 2020

Radoslaw Grytan teos Condotierin muotokuva 

Radoslaw Gryta’s working methods are influenced by traditional craft techniques. Hyvinkää Art Museum’s exhibition of Gryta’s art includes works carved from wood, bricks cast by the artist himself, an installation sewn from cotton and large graphite drawings. In addition to the techniques used, the scale of the works varies, ranging from an installation taking over an entire room to a miniature carved figurine.

Gryta’s work is characterised by the concept of continuous change and his view of art as a work in progress. As its name indicates, the exhibition showcases works of art that Gryta has created recently. However, he often reworks, alters and improves pieces that were started a long time ago. Because of this, his art typically has several layers, created over time.

‘I’m possessed by the desire to work on my old pieces. I already have new ideas for the series of five Atelier-works. You don’t have to say everything in a single work’ explains Gryta, referring to the new exhibition.

Time and its passing are prominent features of Hyvinkää Art Museum’s exhibition. Expectations, change and memories are given a concrete form in everyday items and spaces. While some of the works focus on personal memories, others explore large-scale political changes and events in human history. Even though his work also touches on larger themes, Gryta says he is more interested in ordinary people than history’s great men and events.

Emma Ainala
Bitch I'm a dog person
Kaapo Gallery
2 June – 27 September 2020

Emma Ainalan maalaus He's cute and all but like, he didnt even know who Beethoven was.

While Emma Ainala’s style, topics and themes are firmly rooted in the present, her paintings exhibit a richness that is reminiscent of Baroque art. The history of art can also be seen in the various characters, themes and images presented in her works. Ainala also draws inspiration from the world of the internet and the pop culture of her childhood and youth.

The works showcased in the exhibition are realised in soft colours and often feature girls or women with dogs. Poodles, spaniels, cushioned sofas and lively patterns lend the scenes depicted in the paintings a homely atmosphere. The exhibition’s dog theme has its roots in the artist’s childhood wish to own a dog.

‘Between the ages of 5 and 8, my life revolved around my desire to have a dog. It was a happy period in my life. I spent hours reading books on dogs, scribbling notes on them and drawing dogs from a model’...’ I had visions of myself with a dog, both of us happy, in various situations.’

However, the reality did not always match these visions: ‘The dog needed constant looking after as it had no sense of self-preservation. It wasn’t scared of cars and would try to attack mopeds, even when it was on a lead. It also had a tendency to steal food and eat until it was ready to burst, so everything edible had to be hidden. Rubbish bins could also contain something that was deadly to it.’

Despite featuring topics that are typically seen as innocent, the pictures carry a sense of threat. Only the dogs that faithfully stay by their owners’ sides are at peace. In Ainala’s paintings, the pretty and uncomplicated surface seems to hide something more complex.


Taidelabra – Art Lab
See, experience and experiment!

The Art Lab is a new, interactive exhibition space that combines a learning environment and the Hyvinkää Art Museum’s permanent
art collection. Multi-sensory experiences, digital applications, experimentation, and hands-on activities form the heart of the Art Lab.

Art Lab

Five very different rooms and works from the collection of Hyvinkää Art Museum form an entity called Taidelabra – Art Lab. Art Lab offers visitors the opportunity to question and be surprised, or even confused.

Art and labs are two very different things, but in the Art Lab they come together. What is art? It consists of playing, experiencing, using all senses, finding new perspectives and making discoveries. A lab is a place for hands-on experiences, experiments and
exploration, not white coats and test tubes. It is a place where you can touch, listen and be surprised. Or you can just sit, watch and study the works without any rush. 

Art Lab

 Photos: Teemu Heikkilä  

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