We strive to take all kinds of visitors into account. The museum’s staff are more than happy to help and offer guidance. If you have any questions related to your visit, you can contact the museum's ticket sales team by phone on +358 40 480 1644 or by email to taidemuseo@hyvinkaa.fi

Hyvinkää Art Museum is situated in the centre of Hyvinkää. It is located in Hyvinkää’s Museum Centre Taika on the 2nd floor of the Jussintori building, on the same premises as Hyvinkää City Museum.

The art museum is located 300 metres from Hyvinkää Railway Station. R trains from the south and north stop at Hyvinkää twice an hour. Train schedules are available at vr.fi

Visitors arriving by car can find parking spaces in the Jussintori parking area on the railway side of the building. Parking is free for three hours with a parking disc.

Parking spaces located nearest to the art museum and allocated for wheelchair users are situated in the northern end of the carpark by hamburger restaurant Hesburger.

Taxis can be found in the same area.

Entrance to the museum
Hyvinkää Art Museum is located on the second floor of the Jussintori business centre. The Jussintori building is not fully accessible.

The museum can be entered from Hämeenkatu. Pirkko Nukari’s bronze sculpture Sirkuskarhu (Circus Bear), depicting a small bear riding a moped, serves as a landmark in front of the museum.

The two adjacent doors lead to the museum. These doors are heavy, the entrance also has a threshold, and there is a second door before the lobby. The museum has a separate ramp that can be placed by the door to make it more accessible.

There is a lift to the actual museum premises on the second floor. The lift is 100 cm wide and 119 cm deep. The doors open automatically and the floor buttons are marked with Braille writing. The lift can only be used to get to the museum.

If the lift by the main entrance is too small, you can contact the art museum’s ticket sales before your visit. There is another entrance route to the museum. This route is not fully accessible either but the lift in this area is larger.

Getting around in the museum
The museum’s ticket sales desk is located on the second floor in the museum’s lobby.

The museum’s lobby and exhibition spaces are located on a single floor and they are accessible.

The doors to the exhibition spaces can be opened with push buttons. The art workshop is also accessible.

The exhibition spaces have chairs and benches for visitors to take a rest.

The museum’s toilets are located in the lobby. There is also an accessible toilet. The door to the accessible toilet does not open automatically.

This toilet is also equipped with a baby-changing table and a potty for smaller children.

Cloakroom and lockers
A free cloakroom, which is not guarded, is located in the museum lobby, opposite the ticket sales desk.

For safety reasons, large bags, backpacks, umbrellas and coats must be left in the cloakroom.

There are also free lockers next to the cloakroom.

Aids for visits
You can ask the museum staff for an aid to assist with your visit, such as a pushchair, torch or a magnifying glass. Folding chairs are also available to borrow from the ticket desk.

Assistants and assistance dogs
Assistants for disabled visitors are granted free entry to the museum. Guide and assistant dogs are welcome.

Guided tours for special groups
Guided tours booked in advance can also be tailored to the needs of special groups. If you would like to find out more about our guided tours, you can contact our ticket sales team by phone on +358 40 480 1644 or by email at taidemuseo@hyvinkaa.fi


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Museum Centre Taika 

Hämeenkatu 3 D,
05800 Hyvinkää
Tel. +358 40 480 1644


Adults: €9
Pensioners and students: €6
Children under 18: Free
Unemployed: Free
Groups of over 10 people: €5
Annual pass: €15

Free entry on Wednesdays 16–18.


Tue-Fri 12-18
Sat-Sund 11-17

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