General information

In Hyvinkään Sveitsin lukio, an upper secondary school, there are two profiles of study: natural science and general.

There are about 420 students in our upper secondary school, half of them specialise in natural sciences and the second half studies general subjects. When studying in the line of natural science you can go deeply into biology, geography, physics and chemistry. Thus it gives a good foundation for further studies in the fields of natural and technical sciences or medicine after the upper secondary school. The general line of our school gives solid all-round educational qualifications. The student can concentrate eg on languages, sports, drama and visual arts, our school has many courses in cinematic art. Contrary to the general trend, every other student in our school is male. Our warm-hearted and competent teaching staff consists of  approximately 30 qualified teachers.

In our school building there is only the upper secondary school, which creates a safe and peaceful atmosphere for both studying and teaching. Our school lies right next to a large recreational nature reserve Sveitsi with a swimming centre and has excellent sports facilities for football, ice-hockey and curling conveniently nearby. It takes only some 15 minutes to walk to the railway station.

It has a decent collection of non-fiction and fiction books, magazines and newspapers, two computers with an Internet access. There are CD-ROMs in our computing classroom. The computing facilities can be used for compiling project and other written study material. The students have 20 Internet connected computers in their use. A permission from a teacher is needed for studying in the actual computing classroom.

There are coffee and soft drink vending machines in our school. A kiosk is located nearby, as well as a cafe at the Sveitsi swimming centre. You can also play street basketball, billiards and table tennis on our school premises.

The active student body of our school organises different happenings throughout the year.

Päivitetty 6.4.2015