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16th September – 19th November 2017 
Kolonie Wedding - nykytaidetta Berliinistä

The big hall and Kaapo’s Gallery

Andreas Wolf: untitled
Andreas Wolf: untitled

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The Kolonie Wedding exhibition will showcase a comprehensive selection of contemporary art from Berlin at Hyvinkää Art Museum. The exhibition gets its name from that of a network , or 'colony', of 23 artists' run free art spaces in Berlin's district of Wedding. While having a strong connection with their respective neighbourhoods, the spaces' activities are truly international at the same time – the people running them and the visiting artists come from all over the world. Kolonie Wedding may also be seen as a living work of art that breaks down boundaries and creates new ideas and experiences for artists and audiences alike.

Berlin is a city where artists work on their ideas in a multicultural atmosphere, which lends its colour to the city's cultural life. There is direct interaction between artistic trends and other phenomena. This means that global events get reflected in artists' work and way of expressing themselves almost instantaneously.

The Kolonie Wedding exhibition presents works by ten visual artists and five video artists. All these artists have held their own exhibitions or curated exhibitions on community-managed project premises or they run their own project spaces. The works to be showcased at the art museum include paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, and works of textile art and video art. The exhibition is curated by artist Mika Karhu (DFA), Anna E. Wilkens (PhD), and artist Andreas Wolf.

Berlin is one of the world's main centres of contemporary art. In addition to museums and commercial galleries, the city is home to numerous other artistic communities and exhibition spaces for contemporary art. Project spaces are one typical element of Berlin's lively art scene. They are usually run by local artists or curators and can be found in all parts of the city. These premises not only serve as exhibition centres but also offer a space where people can come together to talk about and debate art and where visitors can meet the artists and find out about coming events. The culture of conversation that has emerged around these art hubs is based on concrete interaction among artists, curators, tourists, and local residents. The end result amounts to more than just exchange of opinions; also, new ideas and initiatives are created and tested for future use.

In 2001, a group of project spaces set up as exhibition premises joined forces to form the not-for-profit organisation Kolonie Wedding. Today, this artists' community in Wedding is home to 23 project spaces. From the outset, the organisation has operated internationally: the members hail from every corner of the world and have organised exhibitions in numerous countries – among them the United States, South Africa, Finland, and various Eastern European states – in connection with several exchange initiatives. At the same time, the organisation maintains a strong local presence, with its premises hosting concerts, performances, exhibitions, and other cultural events that are characterised by the involvement of local residents. Kolonie Wedding has also forged close relationships with artists in Finland, particularly in Hyvinkää. One of the curators of the exhibition, Hyvinkää-based artist Mika Karhu, is a member of Galerie Toolbox, a co-operative project that showcases Nordic, especially Finnish, contemporary art.

The Kolonie Wedding exhibition will present a comprehensive overview of contemporary art from Berlin and its latest trends.

Artists participating in the exhibition:

Jovan Balov, Painting
Tom Früchtl, Concept Art
Jörg Hommer, Video
Pablo Hermann
Henrik Jacob, Drawing, Clay Dough
Karen Koltermann, Painting, Mixed Media, Video
Reiner Maria Matysik, Installation, Video, Sculpture
Matthias Mayer, Video
Karen Scheper, Drawing, Installation
Mr. Ira Schneider, Video
Gabriele Stellbaum, Video
Artist-Duo Stoll-Wachall, Video
Kata Unger, Woven Images, Drawing
Veronika Witte, Sculpture, Installation
Andreas Wolf, Painting

In cooperation with

in cooperation with



16th September 2017 – 18th February 2018  
Yrjö Saarinen's paintings and drawnings from Karin and Eric Sonck's collection
Helene Schjerfbeck room (which exhibits the artist's paintings, photos of her models in Hyvinkää)



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