RytmiTaju – Sense of Rhythm 2017
Hyvinkää Art Museum | Promenade Gallery | Hyvinkää Railway Station | Library Square
16 June – 3 September 2017

Sence of Rythm

RytmiTaju – Sense of Rhythm 2017 is an interdisciplinary series of exhibitions and events, organised by the Hyvinkää Artists' Association in collaboration with Hyvinkää Art Museum. In addition to art exhibitions held at Hyvinkää Art Museum, the Promenade Gallery, Hyvinkää Railway Station and Library Square on 16 June – 3 September 2017, the concept of rhythm will also be explored through interdisciplinary events. These special events will feature visual arts, poetry, theatre, dance, literature and music. RytmiTaju is curated by Dr Pia Houni (PhD in Theatre and Drama) and visual artist Krister Gråhn. The exhibition is part of the 'Finland 100' anniversary celebrations.

RytmiTaju 2017 is the latest instalment in the Taju series of summer exhibitions, founded by the Hyvinkää Artists' Association in 1998. The aim of these exhibitions has remained the same throughout the years: to showcase relevant, thought-provoking contemporary art to the general public. This year's event is the 15th Taju exhibition, and it features works by 44 artists from across Finland.

Erre ja Saramäki

Each exhibition in Hyvinkää Art Museum's three galleries focuses on a specific theme. The Kaapo Gallery in the Art Museum features works by Erika Erre, Jukka Rusanen, Maija Albrecht, Heidi Saramäki and Minna Havukainen. All of these artworks share a common theme of beginning and end, but do they have a rhythm or are they just echoes in the middle of something bigger? The emergence of written language was an important milestone in the history of human culture, and visitors will also be able to explore Kalle Nieminen's interpretation of this key development.

The Main Gallery of the Art Museum houses an installation created by set designer Camilla Nenonen, lighting designer Anniina Veijalainen, sound designer Maura Korhonen and visual artists Meri Peura and Antti-Ville Reinikainen. The curators have also included selected works from other artists in this exhibition. The featured artists are: Antti Laitinen, Antti Oikarinen, Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä, Ilmari Gryta, Kalle Turakka Purhonen, Pauliina Turakka Purhonen, Maria Stereo, Raimo Kela and Reijo Puranen. The creators have incorporated these artworks into their installation, showing respect for each artist's work while also playing with different contexts.

The other rooms at the Art Museum have been taken over by works by Antti Pussinen, Noora and Kimmo Schroderus, Pekka and Teija Isorättyä, Nestori Syrjälä, Ville Mäkikoskela and Okko Pöyliö. These rooms are usually dimly lit for most of the day, but in bright sunlight, they open a window to a darker reality, creating a spatial rhythm of their own.

The exhibition at the Promenade Gallery of the Hyvinkää Artists' Association focuses on the rhythm of life. In this context, rhythm refers to the ebb and flow of human emotions, rather than a heartbeat. The downstairs gallery features works by Sanni Seppä, Vappu Rossi, Risto-Pekka Blom, Maria Duncker and Anna-Sofia Sysser. The upstairs gallery features works by Kirsti Tuokko, Terhi Kaakinen, Jaana Ristola and Pekka Walliander.

In the outdoor exhibition space at the Promenade Gallery, Tiina Laasonen, Katri Oikarinen and Katja Antonoff explore the concepts of private and public spaces. Anssi Pulkkinen and Taneli Rautiainen's artwork in the Library Square offers another perspective on the use of public and private spaces. And, speaking of private spaces, the bathrooms at the RytmiTaju venues feature artwork by Jarkko Räsänen.
The exhibition space at Hyvinkää Railway Station showcases the work of visual artist Päivi Häkkinen, whose works can also be seen on the roof of Café Jussintori, located next door to the Art Museum.

The programme of RytmiTaju 2017 includes ten special events, with themes ranging from the relationship between art and religion, and gender roles and art in the cityscape. There will also be guided tours led by the curators and Rosa Meriläinen and Saara Särmä, among others. At the special events, held in July and August, visual arts meet poetry, music, philosophy, religion and dance. Visitors will be able to celebrate the closing night of the exhibition on 3 September at a ball at the Art Museum, where they will be entertained by the Hyvinkään Salonkiorkesteri band.


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